Presented at THAT CONFERENCE 2017

Presented at THAT CONFERENCE 2017

I just got back from THAT CONFERENCE 2017, where I gave my first presentation there called “Take Your Angular App Glamping”. I had a wonderful time meeting many new people.

The main goal of my presentation was to evangelize the ease with which you can scaffold a new Angular 4 SPA application, and generate the various types of angular application components using the angular-cli command line tool. I shared many tips for enhancing the angular-cli, karma, protractor, and wallaby configuration files for team based development, best practices, continuous integration (CI), etc.. I also included references and links to additional tools and techniques for optimizing CSS, JavaScript, Fonts, and various types of image resources to achieve a fast performing, scalable web sites using Angular 4.

As an added bonus, I created sample Angular 4 applications you can download. One is a very simple web site called “Camp Comfy”, which has many of the bells and whistles I covered in my presentation. The other is a web site starter application with the same configuration enhancements, which you can download to analyze or start adding your own code to it.

Here are the links to my presentation materials, documentation, and sample code:


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