Create A New GitHub Repository

Create A New GitHub Repository

Now that I have chosen GitHub as my cloud-based version control system, I need to create a new repository to store my forthcoming ASP.NET Core web service code.

First I navigate to my Repositories tab in my GitHub profile area, and I click on the New button.

The Create a new repository page appears.


In the Repository name field, I entered aspnet-core-webapi-baseline.

In the Description field, I entered the following text: “A baseline starter template for an ASP.NET Core web service.

Since I am sharing my code with everyone, I chose to make it a Public repository.

I checked the Initialize this repository with a README checkbox.

In the Add .gitignore dropdown list, I selected the VisualStudio option.

In the Add a license dropdown list, I selected the MIT License option.

I then clicked the Create repository button.

My new repository root page appears.


My new repository contains three files:

  • .gitignore

In the next post, I will clone my new repository to my local computer.

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